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Dr.Hatfield Sun dentist in Dayton ohio

Dr. Hatfield

Dr. Hatfield practiced dentistry in Columbus, Ohio for over 20 years before joining the Brilliant Smiles Team in 2022. After she retired from her full time private practice, Dr. Hatfield continued to work part time in the Dayton area to be closer to family. Dr Hatfield grew up in Brookville, became a two time graduate from The Ohio State University, and continued her education later in life to receive an M.S. in Clinical Counseling from The University of Dayton. This degree not only helped Dr. Hatfield with personal growth, but gave her a unique perspective into the fear and shame that holds many back from receiving comprehensive health care. Dr. Hatfield plans to continue working in the mental health field after full retirement from clinical dentistry.

Dr. Hatfield is married to Rick, who works in Columbus at Worthington Industries, and she has two adult children. Dr. Hatfield enjoys traveling, hiking, classic car shows, and local road trips. If you find Dr. Hatfield at home, she will most likely be snuggling with her "fur babies" Shelby, Bruno, and Bootsie.