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When I was completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame, I went to my father, a local and very prominent ear, nose, and throat surgeon, to ask his advice about going to medical or dental school. He was very concerned about the state of medicine and how insurance companies were dictating treatment. He advised that whichever field I chose, pursue it with a purpose and passion for helping people. Ultimately, I chose dental school and developed a vision of giving our community a dental office which would provide the highest standard of dental care along with top notch customer service. In 1988, upon the founding of Brilliant Smiles, my vision became a reality. Over the last two and a half decades our team has been

committed to guiding our patients to optimal oral health and wellness in a gentle and comforting environment. We treat patients of all ages and provide services that range from routine professional cleanings and simple fillings to the most comprehensive care including dental implants, Invisalign™ and orthodontics, teeth replacements, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care. Additionally, over the last several years, our focus has incorporated what we call “Complete Health Dentistry”, a philosophy that has led us to becoming advocates for your overall health and wellness. In our practice today, you will get a team of excellent clinicians who want to see you live healthier and have a higher quality of life.

Dr. Greg Austria

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Dr. Greg Austria

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